Superhero Cupcakes Show Dad He's Your Hero

June 15, 2011

'Tis the season to show Dad your appreciation, and what better way to do so than with these superhero cupcakes by A Cupcake Wonderland? Originally created for a superhero-themed birthday party, these superhero cupcakes feature the names and logos of Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Batman and Robin.

A Cupcake Wonderland is a Philadelphia-based bakery run by Lily Fischer and Erin Bailey. We featured one of the duo's other creative cupcake creations earlier today as a part of our Manly Cupcakes for Father's Day roundup. To see more of Fischer and Bailey's artistry, tune in to "Cupcake Wars" on the Food Network on June 21, when they'll compete against three other cupcake-making teams for a $10,000 prize.

superhero cupcakes

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