5 Clever Taco-Inspired Crafts

July 3, 2011

These clever taco-inspired crafts will make you want to run for the border. This simple Mexican staple food has been reinterpreted into everything from hair pins to little robots. Which of these taco-inspired crafts is your favorite?

1. Yummy Taco Bobby Pin Hair Clips: These inedible taco hair pins are perfect for those who want to get their Mexican food fix without ingesting a calorie. The 2-inch clips each feature a tiny taco filled with beef, lettuce and cheese.

taco inspired crafts

2. Taco Fiesta Earrings: If hair pins aren't your thing, these taco-shaped earrings might be just the accessory to set off a special outfit. The tiny tacos were hand-sculpted out of polymer clay and glazed to add shine.

taco inspired crafts

3. I Luv U Taco Robot: This adorable hand-sculpted robot by Lisastarchild has a smile on his face and a giant taco in his hands. The 2-inch robot is the perfect objet d'art for any foodie with a geek streak.

taco inspired crafts

4. Bell Taco Mexican Food Stitch Markers: These hand-sculpted stitch markers for knitting needles could easily double as bracelet or cellphone charms. The set of four includes a bean tostada, a taco supreme, nachos, and a bean and cheese burrito.

taco inspired crafts

5. Taco Pirate Mini Figure: The Taco Pirate is an inch-tall miniature snack wearing a pirate hat and wielding a sword. It's sculpted out of clay and would be a perfect desk accessory or itty-bitty sculpture for someone who loves miniatures.

taco-inspired crafts

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