Top 10 Bento Blog Posts Of 2011

December 31, 2011

These are the top 10 blog posts at Foodista in 2011 about Bento. 

Bento has become a driving force in keeping us interested in healthy, fun lunches. There is no sign that the idea of making bento is slowing down. Hopefully, you have found some useful, inspiring things in these posts. Remember, we are always looking for photos of your bento artwork! Send them in!!

  1. Bento Crush - Laptop Lunches
  2. Bento Crush - Halloween Theme
  3. Bento Box Blog Roundup
  4. The Three Little Steampunk Pigs Bento Box
  5. Bento Zen
  6. Bento Love - Photo Of The Week
  7. Bento Box Love
  8. Christmas Bento
  9. Candy Corn Bento
  10. Hello Kitty Bento