Video Recipe: Make Kentucky Fried Chicken at Home

March 1, 2013

In Nicko's Kitchen: Fast Food Friday he shows us how to make fried chicken KFC-style. Watch this video and learn how you can make crispy fried chicken at home.

Hi everyone and welcome to Nicko’s Kitchen’s Fast Food Friday.  Today we’re going to be making the most iconic fast food around the world.  It is something that I have received thousands of requests for and we’re going to do it today, homemade.  Of course I’m talking about KFC’s Fried Chicken.

So the first thing that we’re going to do to get started on our fried chicken is just into a bowl I’ve got some plain flour and we’re going to season our flour.  First I’m going to be adding in some salt and some pepper, also going to be adding in some garlic powder, next is some onion powder and lastly some paprika.  And just give that a good mix around with the flour.  So that’s what you’ll end up with, a beautiful flour spice mix, so we’ll just put this to one side.  So just into a separate bowl I’m going to be putting in one egg and I’m also going to add in some milk as well, and just mix the egg and milk together, just give it a whisk.  Now, of course you’re going to need some chicken.  Now, the chicken that I’ve got is some drumsticks and some wings.  If you wanted to do the chicken breasts or the chicken tender loin you can as well but just make sure the skin is on because that’s how we’re going to get that really crispy skin on the outside.  So what I want you to do, really simple is I want you to put the chicken straight into the egg wash.  Make sure you get everything coated and then I’m going to be putting it straight into the flour.  And again, make sure you get this really coated well and just shake off the excess flour and I’m going to double dip back into the egg and then back into the flour and what that will do is give this a really crunchy coating on the outside.  And just keep repeating that process for all the chicken that you have.

So once we’ve finished coating our chicken in the egg wash and the flour, we’re going to deep fry them.  Now, I’ve just got some vegetable oil in a large pan and I’ve just put a bit of flour and the egg wash just in there to see if it’s ready to fry and if you do that and it sizzles and rises to the top, then you know it’s hot enough.  So we’ve got our chicken here, all nicely coated and I’m just going to pop it in really carefully, also with one of our wings as well.  So guys, we want to cook this for about 12-15 minutes depending on the size of the chicken but what we want essentially on the outside is a nice, dark, crispy skin with that batter.