12 Marvelous Mexican Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

May 1, 2013

Easy Vegetable, Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Vegetable, Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

These vegetable, bean and cheese enchiladas are an easy meat-free dinner.  Peppers and onions are sauteed with corn before being rolled into a tortilla with cumin scented black beans. This Mexican casserole is then topped with red enchilada sauce and plenty of cheese.  



William's picture

Where are the actual recipes? The photos have me interested but where are the recipes to accompany them? The Cinco de Mayo picture looks great but no recipe. :(

Sheri Wetherell's picture

Hi William,

The slideshow will take you through all 12 recipes, simply click the page numbers to advance to each page (you'll see 1-13 below the picture). You can click on the pictures (or the recipe title above the picture) to get to each recipe page. Hope that helps!