Grow Your Own: Radishes

May 9, 2016

Radishes are one of the most fun vegetables to grow in the home garden. It's a great way to get the little chefs interested in growing their own foods, and radishes are a quick reward. Within days, radishes can be seen poking above the soil. Gardeners know to mark their rows with radish seeds to remember where the slower growing seeds are. It's a great way to grow two crops in the same spot, so small space gardeners-take note. You can plant and replant them until the season gets too hot. When that happens, the radishes will bolt (grow a little and then go directly to flower.) Just wait a month until it cools down again, and start planting seeds for the fall season. 

The best thing about radishes? They can be grown in a dish! If you have enough space for a pot on a sunny window, you can grow radishes. 

In the kitchen, are known as spicy bites in a salad, but radishes can be included in many recipes. The interesting thing about the radish's heat, once cooked, the heat is tamed. This makes them such a great addition to your cooking pantry. 

Check out this tasty recipe that includes radishes as an ingredient in an interesting way. 

Roasted Radishes

Roasting radishes are amazing! The flavor completely changes after spending time in a hot oven. Try roasting different types of radishes with this technique. Each variety tastes different. 



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