Arabesque Greenling


The Arabesque greenling (Pleurogrammus azonus) is a species of mackerel used in Japanese cuisine.

The primary population of the fish is found off of the Sea of Okhotsk.


Translations: ホッケ, أرابيسك Greenling, Арабеска Грінлінг, Arabesque sourcil, 아라비아 풍의 Greenling, ערבסק Greenling, Арабескуе Греенлинг, Arabesko Greenling, Arabesk Greenling, Arabesque greenling, 蔓藤花纹格林林, Arabeska Greenling, Арабеска Гринлинг, Арабеск Greenling

Physical Description

A cousin to lingcod greenlings are long thin fish that start with a torpedo shaped head and taper off to a small tail.

Colors: silver grey

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Lingcod, Haddock, Halibut


Once plentiful off the New Zealand coast overfishing for the fast food industry is threatening wild numbers



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