Water Spinach


Water spinach is a green plant used in a lot of Chinese dishes that looks like morning glory and has very narrow leaves along with light green stalks.


Translations: Ūdens Spināti, Vandens Špinatai, Spanac cu apă, Vodeni špinat, Rau bina nước, Szpinak wody, Water Spinazie, पानी पालक, Água Espinafres, Вода из шпината, Νερό Σπανάκι, المياه السبانخ, 물 시금치, Voda Špenát, Air Bayam, Kangkong, 蕹菜, Aigua Espinacs, Voda Špinača, Voda Špenát, Acqua Spinaci, מים תרד, Vatten Spenat, Спанаћ воде, 水ほうれん草, L'eau aux épinards, Vand Spinat, Vann Spinat, Agua Espinacas, Вода зі шпинату, Vesi Pinaatti, Вода спанак



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