Angled Luffa


Angled Luffa is a slender green fruit, 15-18 inches long, which grows in tropical and subtropical climates in Asia, and is often used in Asian and Indian cooking.


Translations: Leņķveida luffa, Kampiniai luffa, Unghi Luffa, Kutni Luffa, Mướp góc cạnh, Luffa kątowe, Haakse Luffa, Angled तोरई, Угловой Луффа, Γωνιακή Luffa, الزاوية Luffa, 각도 Luffa, Lomené lufy, 棱角丝瓜, Angle Luffa, Kotna luffa, Lomené lufy, Angolata Luffa, זווית luffa, Vinklad Luffaprojektet, Угаона луффа, 斜めラッファ, Angle Luffa, Vinklet Luffa, Vinklet Luffa, Ángulo Luffa, Кутовий Луффа, Kulma Luffa, Ъглова луфа



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