Abat Ftel Pear


A traditional Italian pear that historically been associated with being developed by monks centuries ago. Medium to large in size, this pear is tall and well rounded at the bottom, covered by a russet and yellow smooth outer skin. Inside, the flesh of the pear is white, juicy and sweet flavored. It is a variety that can become soft quickly, so when selecting check for firmness, making sure it not too ripe.


Translations: Abat Ftel Bumbieru, Abat Ftel Kriaušė, Abat Ftel Kruška, Abat Ftel नाशपाती, Abat Pear Ftel, Abat Ftel Пэр, Abat Ftel Αχλάδι, أبات الكمثرى Ftel, 했는데 Ftel 배, Abat Ftel Hruška, Abat Ftel peras, 阿巴特梨Ftel, Abat Ftel Pera, Abat Ftel Hruška, Abat Pera Ftel, Abat Ftel אגס, Абат Фтел Крушка, アバットFtelペア, Abat poire Ftel, Abat Ftel Pære, Abat Ftel Pera, Abat Ftel Пер, Abat Ftel Päärynä



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