Belgian Golden Ale


Belgian Golden Ale as exemplified by Duvel of the Moortgat Brewery near Brussels, Belgium.

This is a top fermented ale, using an ale yeast, but with modern technologies employed to produce a strong, but pale beer with a distinctive aroma and a big flavor palette. Not really an ale-lager hybrid, but not a simple top fermented ale either. In other words, something new under the sun in the world of beer.
The first difference with the older, darker Duvel was the shift to a paler variety of the 2-row summer barley that they obtain from la Beauce Gatinais, an agrarian region of northern France. Then they reduced the amount of kilning of the malt to achieve a pale gold, rather than the older brown
color used for most ales.


Translations: Beļģijas Golden Ale, Belgijos Golden Ale, Belgian de Aur Ale, Belgijski Ale Golden, Bỉ Golden Ale, Golden Belgian Ale, Gouden Ale, बेल्जियम के स्वर्ण यवसुरा, Бельгийские Золотой Але, Βελγική Golden Ale, البيرة البلجيكية الذهبي, 벨기에 골든 에일, Belgický Golden Ale, Belgia Golden Ale, 比利时金色啤酒, Bèlgica Golden Ale, Belgijski Golden Ale, Belgický Golden Ale, הבלגי עלה הזהב, Белгијски Златни запо, ベルギーゴールデンエール, Or belge Ale, Belgischer Goldener Ale, Belgisk Golden Ale, Belgisk Golden Ale, Bélgica Golden Ale, Бельгійські Золотий Але, Белгийската Златни Ale



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