Pisang Lilin Banana


The Pisang Lilin Banana is a type of banana that has been genetically altered to make it grow in India. It is resistant to banana stem weevil, and to banana corm weevil. So, this type of bananas are protected from a lot of the pests the pests that attack banana trees.


Translations: Pisang Banana Lilin, Pisang Lilin الموز, Pisang lilin Banán, Пісанг Лілії Банана, Banana Lilin Pisang, ピサンのリリンバナナ, Banana Lilin Banana, Pisang lilin Banán, Banana Lilin Pisang, Pisang Pisang Lilin, Pisang의 Lilin의 바나나, Pisang Lilin Saging, Pisang Lilin केले, Pisang בננה Lilin, Pisang Banana Lilin, 香蕉香蕉丽琳, Писанг Лилин Банана, Banana Pisang Lilin, Писанг Лилии Банана, Banana Pisang Lilin, Pisang Lilin Банан



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