Tempranillo Grapes


Tempranillo Grapes originated in Spain, though they are now grown in many places, including California. They are used to make a dry wine, though based on the neutrality of the taste of wine using only Tempranillo Grapes, they are often blended with other types of wine, such as merlot. Wines from these grapes pair well with certain beef, pork and lamb dishes. The grapes may also be used in port, which depending on how sweet the port is, will determine with what dishes it is best served.


Translations: Tempranillo Vīnogas, Tempranillo vynuogių, Tempranillo Struguri, Grožđe Tempranillo, Tempranillo Nho, Winogron Tempranillo, Tempranillo druiven, Tempranillo अंगूर, Uvas Tempranillo, Tempranillo виноград, Tempranillo Σταφύλια, العنب Tempranillo, Tempranillo 포도, Tempranillo hroznů, Темпранилло грожђа, Tempranillo mga ubas, 普兰尼洛葡萄, Ull de llebre Raïms, Tempranillo Grozdje, Tempranillo hrozna, Le uve Tempranillo, ענבי טמפרניו, Tempranillo Vindruvor, Tempranillo Anggur, テンプラニーヨブドウ, Tempranillo, Tempranillo Trauben, Tempranillo druer, Tempranillo Druer, Tempranillo Uvas, Tempranillo виноград, Tempranillo Viinirypäleet, Шардоне грозде



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