Cerasse Tea


A Jamaican herb, known to be bitter. It is made from the leaves of the plant, brewed in hot water. It is used to treat malaria.


Other names: Balsamino, Bitter Melon Tea, Momordica Charantia
Translations: Cerasse Tēja, Cerasse Arbata, Cerasse Ceai, Cerasse trà, Cerasse urządzenia, Cerasse चाय, Cerasse Chá, Cerasse чай, Cerasse Τσάι, Cerasse الشاي, Cerasse 차, Cerasse Čaj, Cerasse Teh, Cerasse茶, Cerasse té, Cerasse Čaj, Cerasse תה, Церассе чај, Cerasseコーヒー, Cerasse thé, Cerasse Te, Cerasse te, Cerasse чай, Cerasse чай



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