Wheeler's Golden Russet Apple


moderately thick russet skin

one of the first apple varieties to originate in North America

prized for its rich, spicey, flavor


Translations: Wheeler Aukso Russet Apple, Wheeler's roscat de Aur Apple, Wheeler's Golden Apple crvenka, Mộc mạc Wheeler của Golden Apple, Golden Russet Wheeler's Apple, Golden Russet Wheeler's Apple, व्हीलर की गोल्डन सेब लाल सा, Golden Russet Wheeler's Apple, Голден Рассет Apple Уилера, Golden Apple Russet Wheeler της, ويلر في راسيت الذهبي أبل, 휠러의 황금 적갈색 애플, Wheeler je Golden Apple Červenohnědý, Вилер Златна јабука Црвенка, Golden pulang kayumanggi Wheeler's Apple, 惠勒的戈尔登拉塞苹果, Russet Golden Apple Wheeler, Golden Crvenka Apple Wheeler's, Wheeler je Golden Apple Červenohnedý, Russet Golden Wheeler's Apple, אדמדם אפל הזהב של וילר, Wheelers Golden Russet Apple, Wheeler Russet Golden Apple, ウィーラーのゴールデンラアップル, Wheeler Russet Pomme d'Or, Wheeler's Golden Apple Russet, Wheelers Golden Russet Apple, Russet Golden Apple Wheeler, Голден Рассет Apple Уїлера, Wheeler Golden Russet Apple, Златни Уилър шаячен Apple



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