Avocado Leaf


Similar to bay leaf, Avocado leaf has a light, musty flavor that is perfect in black bean dishes. Popular in latin american cuisne, it is rare, but there is no substitute for the authentic flavors of Central America. Toast the dry leaves before using to bring out the flavor.


Translations: Avokado Leaf, Αβοκάντο Leaf, Avokado Leaf, الأفوكادو ليف, Abacate Folha, Avocat Leaf, アボカドの葉, Avokado Leaf, Авокадо Лист, אבוקדו Leaf, Avokado Ikkunaluukku, 아보카도 잎, Abukado Leaf, Avocado पत्ती, Авокадо Leaf, Full d'alvocat, Авокадо Leaf, 鳄梨叶, Daun Alpukat, Hoja de aguacate, Авокадо Leaf



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