Yorkshire Blue Cheese


Yorkshire Blue is a blue cheese made from sheep's milk. This cheese was created by Judy Bell who used traditional methods dating back to the early Yorkshire cheeses of the eleventh century.


Translations: ヨークシャーブルーチーズ, Jorkšyro Blue Cheese, يوركشاير الجبن الأزرق, Yorkshire nivou, Yorkshire au fromage bleu, 요크셔 블루 치즈, Yorkshire nivou, יורקשייר רוקפור, Јоркшир плави сир, यॉर्कशायर ब्लू चीज़, Yorkshire Queso Azul, Йоркширський блакитного сиру, 约克郡蓝奶酪, Йоркширский голубого сыра, Yorkshire Formatge Blau, Йоркшир синьо сирене



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