Rye Whisky


Rye Whisky in the United States refers to whisky distilled from at least 51%% rye. Do not confuse with Canadian Rye Whisky which so long as it has the same flavor, aroma, and taste character as Rye Whisky is not required to be distilled from at least 51%% rye.


Translations: Rudzu Viskijs, ライウイスキー, Rugiai Viskis, ويسكي الجاودار, Raž Whisky, Secară Whisky, Raž Whisky, Žito Whisky, וויסקי שיפון, Рай виски, 호밀 위스키, Rye Wiski, राई व्हिस्की, Рай віскі, 黑麦威士忌, Rž Whisky, Ражани виски, Ръж Уиски



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