Tahitian Taro


Tahitian Taro also known as Tanier Spinach (Xanthosoma Brasilense) is a typical vegetable in the Amazon forest, grows up to 3 feet and has arrow shaped leaves.

Tahitian Taro is grown for its tender leaves that tastes like spinach, and their leaves do not contain the needle like crystals of calcium oxalate (can irritate the mouth) which is found in Taro.

The leaves are rich in Vitamins A & C, and protein.


Other names: Indian Kale, Calalou, Chinese Spinach, Callaloo, Belembe, Quelembe, Tanier Spinach
Translations: タヒチ太郎, التاهيتية تارو, 타히티어 다로, טהיטית תרו, Таитянский Таро, Tahitian तारो, Таїтянська Таро, 大溪地太郎, ТАХИТИАН Таро, Таитянски Таро

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Collard greens



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