Yellowfoot Chanterelle


Yellowfoot Chanterelle mushrooms can be found along the coast of California, Oregon and Scandinavia, they grow in moist areas especially along rotting logs and bases of old tree stumps.


Other names: Funnel Chanterelle, Suppilovahvero (Finnish), Yellowfoot, Yellow Foot
Translations: Yellowfoot gailene, Yellowfootシャンテレール, Yellowfoot Voveraitės, Yellowfoot شانتيريل, Yellowfoot Liška, Yellowfoot 살구 버섯, Yellowfoot лисичками, Yellowfoot Liška, Иелловфоот Цхантерелле, Yellowfoot kabute ng chanterelle, Yellowfoot kantareller, Yellowfoot छांटरैल, Yellowfoot лисичками, Yellowfoot尚蒂尔尔, Yellowfoot Kantarell, Yellowfoot lisička, Yellowfoot Kantarel, Yellowfoot Kantarelli, Yellowfoot Jamur chanterelle, Yellowfoot Пачи крак

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