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Apples are by far the most important fruit in the northern hemisphere and are increasingly grown in the southern hemisphere. There are an amazingly huge number of apple varieties. The apple has a long history as a cultivated fruit, probably even longer than that of the pear. This is supported by findings in Italy and Switzerland, where remains of cultivated apples have been discovered near prehistoric pole framed houses indicating that apples were already grown 4500 years ago. Facts about the wild parents of modern apple varieties are shrouded in mystery. The European wild apple probably didn't play a major role in the development of the modern apple. It's more likely that the Astrakan apple from Siberia and Northern China is the founder of the apple lineage.
Dutch apples come in all colours and flavours, from sweet to tart and just about every flavour in between. Apples are not just tasty but healthy too. They contain plenty of vitamin C, calcium and iron as well as fibres that aid digestion.


Alkmene; Alkmene has a sweet/acidic flavour and tastes similar to the Cox's Orange Pippin. Alkmene is best as an eating apple or an early cooker. This aromatic apple has a clear red blush on a yellow peel. The fruit is not large, but has a regular shape. The creamy white flesh is quite firm to hard. Alkmene is picked in September, but is not a good keeper. This means there is just a short space of time in which to enjoy this tasty apple, from early September to mid October.

Benoni; Benoni is an apple with a fine fragrance. It is yellow with a clear red blush. The fruit is not large, but has a regular shape. The flesh is firm, sweet and juicy. Benoni is best used as an eating apple.

Cox's Orange Pippin; The flesh is nicely firm, sweet and juicy. Cox is best used as an eating apple. Cox's Orange Pippin has an excellent aroma and is very popular in the UK. It is slightly flattened and small in size. Cox's Orange Pippin is pale green. As the apple ripens the colour changes from yellow to striped orange red. Cox is available from the end of September until the end of February.

Delbarestivale; Delbarestivale is one of the earliest Dutch apples to be picked. The apple is available from the end of August until mid October. The flesh of the Delbarestivale is firm and juicy and quite acidic in taste. This apple, also known as Delcorf, has a fine scent. The apple is greenish yellow, sometimes marked by a striped clear red blush. The apple is quite large and regular in shape. It is a fine eater, but also makes good juice.

Delblush/Tentation; This apple has a full aroma. Tentation is orange yellow with a particularly good flavour. This apple retains its firmness for a long time. Tentation's individual flavour comes from the high sweet but also high acid content in the apple - plus it is very juicy. It is an especially delicious eating apple, which is also ideal for juicing and baking apple pies. Tentation is available from mid October until the end of May. Tentation is a new variety, and not widely available yet. Ask your local supermarket to stock it!

Elise/Roblos; Elise/Roblos is a tangy, crispy apple with a highly decorative appearance. This apple has a refreshing taste. Its skin is red with a yellowy-green shadow. Roblos is available from the end of September until mid May. Roblos has yet to be grown in large numbers so is not widely available. Be sure to buy it if you come across it. It's absolutely worth trying!

Elstar; Elstar is a very popular apple in the Netherlands. Elstar has a fine aroma with firm flesh, and a juicy full sweet tart flavour. The Elstar is best used as an eating apple. The skin is yellowy green with a striped clear red blush. The apple is of average size and a regular shape. Elstar is available from mid September until mid May. An Elstar picked at the right moment and stored correctly, has an excellent flavour.

Golden Delicious; Golden Delicious is one of the best-known apples and has a good aroma. The skin is golden yellow (also in several tints up to all red) and the fruit is medium sized. The apple has firm flesh. The flavour is slightly tart, but later turns sweet. Dutch grown Golden Delicious are a little sweeter and less watery than their French family. The apple is best used as an eater or in pies and salads. Dutch Golden Delicious are available from early October until the end of July

Goudreinette; This apple is also called 'Red Belle of Boskoop' and has a very fine fragrance. The skin varies from green to greenish yellow with an attractive blush. It is large in size and fairly irregular. The flesh of a red Goudreinette is firm and crisp. Its full flavour makes it very suitable for apple compote, pies, juices and salads. This is a favourite eater for lovers of tart apples. This perfect apple pie ingredient is available from the end of September until the end of April.

Jonagold; Jonagold has a fine aroma, with a yellow skin and an orange to bright red blush. It is a fairly large apple. Jonagold has yellowy white flesh and tastes tart. The apple is an excellent eating apple, dessert apple, or partnered with yoghurt and in muesli. Jonagold is available mid October to the end of August.

Jonagored; Jonagored is the little brother of Jonagold and shares the same fine aroma. The colour is predominantly streaked dark red and the fruit is fairly large. Jonagored has yellowy white, firm flesh. The flavour is sweet sour. Jonagored makes an excellent eating apple, dessert apple, or partnered with yoghurt and in muesli. Jonagored is available from the mid October until the end of August.

Junami; Rushing on your way to the next meeting or relaxing after a session of sport? Junami® is a crisp and fruity thirst quencher with a refreshing aftertaste. This smooth apple is in just as good shape as you are! Enjoy a Junami® and stock up with enough energy to face your next challenge.

Rubens; Rubens® is a new apple, a cross between Gala and Elstar. Rubens® is a sparkling sweet, delicate yet crisp juicy apple with a delicious sweet aftertaste. The ideal and tasty snack! At work, after exercise or as food on the run. This apple retains its full flavour and delicate, crispy flesh for a long time in the fruit bowl.


Apple trees are pruned from December to April. After pruning, the patch of soil beneath the trees is kept weed-free, and the grass rows between the trees in the orchard are mowed. The orchard is given a fertilizer dressing and watered. In the summer the apples are thinned out, this means that a number of fruits are removed from each tree to achieve optimum fruit growth and enhance tree vigour. The peak of the apple season falls between the end of August and early October. Apples are ripe in these months, certain varieties earlier than others. Apples are picked by hand; the stem is gently bent before the apple is carefully removed from the branch. The stem must be left on the apple. An apple without a stem is 'wounded' and the fruit is likely to rot at this point. Young apple trees will give around six kilos of fruit, while mature trees produce up to twenty kilos. In autumn older apple trees are cut down. Fruit growers then plant new trees from mid November until May to replace the old ones.


Apples can be kept for about 2 weeks after purchase. The best place to store apples is the vegetable compartment in the fridge. Apples emit ethylene that accelerates the ripening process so do not store them near other produce such as cucumbers and tomatoes.


Apples can be eaten raw. They can also be cooked, baked in pies or preserved.


Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy: 207 kJ, 49 kcal
Protein: 0.4 g
Iron: 0.2 mg
Carbohydrates: 11.8 g
Sodium: 2 mg
Calcium: 4 mg
Fat: 0.0 g
Fibre: 2.3 g
Vitamin C: 8 mg


- Dessert and eating apples just need rinsing and drying.
- Peel cooking apples just before use. Remove the core and cut the apple into slices. Apple slices can be kept in cold water with a few drops of lemon juice to prevent them discolouring.
- Apples are a quick and easy snack.


Translations: ベノーニアップル, بينوني أبل, Benoni 애플, Benoni אפל, Бенони Apple, एप्पल Benoni, Беноні Apple, 伯诺尼苹果, Бенони јабука



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