Altrincham Carrot


The Altrincham carrot is an Old English variety of carrot introduced in the 19th Century. Has long and slender roots of good flavour. The neck is purple where exposed to light


Translations: Altrincham Burkānu, Altrincham morka, Altrincham Morcov, Altrincham mrkva, Altrincham Wortel, Altrincham गाजर, Altrincham Cenoura, Altrincham Морковь, Altrincham Καρότο, Altrincham الجزر, Altrincham 당근, Алтринцхам мрква, Altrincham karot, 奥尔特灵厄姆胡萝卜, Altrincham Pastanaga, Altrincham Korenček, Altrincham Carota, Altrincham גזר, Altrincham Morot, Altrincham Wortel, オルトリンシャンキャロット, Altrincham Gulerod, Altrincham Zanahoria, Altrincham Морква, Altrincham Porkkana, Altrincham Морков



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