Bess Pool Apple


Bess Pool
Late Dessert Apple

Bess Pool discovered this apple in Nottingham in 1824. This is a very late flowering apple and so avoids frosts. It may be picked in October and will keep until February. It is a tip-bearer and has a broad spreading habit. The fruit is almost dull crimson, with some russetting and short, broad dark red stripes. The flesh is greenish, coarse and rather dry and the skin becomes waxey in store.


Translations: Bess Apple στην πισίνα, بيس بول أبل, Bess bazén Apple, Бесс басейн Apple, Apple Pool Bess, ベスプールアップル, Bess Lokva Apple, Bess bazén Apple, Apple Pool Bess, Девица Базен јабука, 베스 풀 애플, Bess पूल एप्पल, בס אפל בריכה, Bess Apple Pool, 贝丝池苹果, Bess Apple Pool, Бесс бассейн Apple, Bess Apple Pool, Бес басейн Apple



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