Strawberry Tree


A rough-skinned red fruit with a mealy, edible pulp. The fruits can be eaten fresh but don't have much flavor, they are usually used to ferment and make an alcoholic beverage. The trees are commonly planted as ornamentals for their attractive flowers and fruit.


Translations: Zemeņu Tree, イチゴノキ, Braškių medis, شجرة الفراولة, Mansikkapuu, Planika, Cây dâu, קטלב, Pohon Strawberry, 딸기 나무, झरबेरी पेड़, Земляничное дерево, Madroño, Суничне дерево, 草莓树, Јагоде Дрво, Arboç, Арбутус



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