A Look Inside George Clooney's Fridge

February 7, 2012

CBS is premiering Person to Person, a brand new show that takes viewers into the homes of celebrities. In the first episode, they pay a visit to George Clooney's 7,000 square foot Californian home, where he shared the contents of his fridge. 

"There's a lady that makes salads for me and some sort of a juice thing," Clooney said. "One of my New Year's resolutions was to eat better and to do one of those cleanses. Really glad I did that." 

Person to Person premiers tomorrow night on CBS at 8 pm EST. 

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jeanne@bellissimakids.com's picture

I love how neat his fridge is and that he has Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar on the shelf!

Dr Jeri Heyman's picture

Fabulous picture of a perfect fridge. And I love how Clooney drinking our Herbal AloeForce Liquid (green & white bottle on the right) and knowing he is supporting his health, energy and gorgeousness with our uniquely purified, raw Aloe Juice!!

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