Bluetta Blueberries


Bluetta is a great candidate for colder climates because it blooms a little later, yet ripens early. It is very productive, yielding berries that are slightly dark and medium sized, with a unique wild flavor. Bluetta is compact in growth and has notable scarlet colors in fall, making it an excellent selection for edible landscaping. They must be picked by hand at first, but then you can pick using a machine. They always grow on short bushes that tend to spread a little. The bushes usually produce many blueberries


Translations: Bluetta mellenēm, Bluetta vaivorai, Afinele Bluetta, Bluetta Borovnice, Bluetta quất, Bluetta Borówki, Bosbessen Bluetta, Bluetta ब्लूबेरी, Bluetta голубика, Bluetta Προσκοπίνες, Bluetta العنب البري, Bluetta 블루베리, Bluetta Borůvky, Блуетта Боровнице, Bluetta blueberries, Bluetta蓝莓, Bluette nabius, Bluetta Borovnice, Bluetta Čučoriedky, Bluetta Mirtilli, Bluetta אוכמניות, Bluetta blåbär, Bluetta Blueberry, Bluettaブルーベリー, Bluetta Bleuets, Bluetta Heidelbeeren, Bluetta Blåbær, Bluetta Blåbær, Bluetta arándanos, Bluetta лохина, Bluetta Mustikat, Bluetta боровинки



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