Green Mussel


Found in coastal, tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, though they are also farm raised in New Zealand. They have a green shell, average 3-4 inches in length, and have a slightly sweet flavor. Often baked, steamed or in stews.


Translations: Green ēdamgliemenes, Žalioji Mussel, Verde midii, Zelena Dagnja, Vẹm xanh, Green Omułek, Green Mossel, ग्रीन सीपी, Зеленые мидии, Πράσινη Μύδι, بلح البحر الأخضر, 그린 홍합, Zelená Mussel, Зелена Дагње, Green tahong, 绿贻贝, Musclo Verd, Zeleni Mussel, Zelená Mussel, Green cozze, גרין שבלול, Gröna Mussel, Green Kupang, グリーンマッセルシェル, Mejillón Verde, Зелені мідії, Green Sinisimpukan, Зелената миди

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