White Boston Lettuce


The firm, round, 12" heads are light green in color, with a delicious, buttery-yellow heart. This variety has a very delicate flavor, and does well in warm weather.


Other names:
Translations: White Boston salāti, White Boston Salotos, Salată alb Boston, Bijela salata Boston, White Boston Rau diếp, Sałata Boston White, Sla White Boston, सफेद बोस्टन लेटिष, Alface Branca Boston, Белый Бостон Салат, Λευκό Μαρούλι Βοστώνη, بوسطن بيضاء خس, 화이트 보스턴 상추, Bílá Boston Salát, Бела Бостону Зелена салата, White Boston litsugas, 白波士顿生菜, Blanc Enciam Boston, Bela Boston Solata, Biela Boston Šalát, White Boston Lattuga, לבן חסה בוסטון, Vit Boston Sallat, Boston putih Selada, ホワイトボストンレタス, Laitue Boston blanc, White Boston Salat, White Boston Salat, White Boston Salat, Blanco Lechuga Boston, Білий Бостон Салат, White Boston Lehtisalaatti, Бяла Бостън Марули



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