Kidney Bean Sprouts


DON'T!! i foolishly ate some kidney bean sprouts, imagining that anything sprouted hygenically is good (i wash all beans with vinegar, and soak in filtered water).

as i realized today, sprouted kidney beans taste bad, and soon after produced the most horrible diahrrea attack, i sat in the loo most of the morning, and felt weak and lousy. after a warm bathtub soak, and a diet of fluids, i slowly recovered.

later, i found from many of my health friends that sprouting large beans is generally not a good idea, and kidney beans in particular are deadly when sprouted. generally, the taste is so bad that you cannot eat a large amount, but since i eat sprouts soaked in apple cider vinegar diluted, i did not realize the bad taste, and endured it till i had eaten a cup-ful.

sprouted kidney beans have to be thoroughly cooked to make them non-toxic. please note that the toxicity of the kidney bean has nothing to do with hygiene, it is not salmonella or e-coli, but some chemicals in the bean itself.

i am happy to be alive!


Translations: Nieres diedzētas pupiņas, Pupelių daigai, Rinichi muguri de fasole, Bubreg klice, Bean sprouts thận, Kiełki fasoli Kidney, गुर्दे अंकुरित फलियां, Ростки почки Бин, Νεφροί λαχανάκια Bean, براعم اللوبيا, 신장 콩나물, Fazole klíčků, Ginjal Bean Sprouts, Sakit toge, 肾豆芽, Ronyó brots de soja, Kidney Bean ohrovt, Fazuľa klíčkov, Rene germogli di fagioli, כליה נבטי שעועית, Njure böngroddar, Бубрега боранија, 腎臓もやし, Choux aux haricots rouges, Nyre bønnespirer, Nyre bønnespirer, Riñón brotes de soja, Паростки нирки Бін, Munuaiset pavunidut, Бъбреци бобови кълнове

Physical Description

Kidney bean sprouts are tiny little stocks of sprouts. The body of the sprout is a cream or white colored stalk and on top lies the bean. The bean is a kidney shaped and yellow green in color.

Colors: White stalk with green bean on top

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Delicate, Bland
Mouthfeel: Smooth, Buttery
Food complements: Rice, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Soup
Substitutes: Beans, Peas, Alfalfa sprouts

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Look for kidney bean sprouts that look fresh and bright in color. Don't choose droopy stalks.
Buying: Kidney bean sprouts are available all year round in grocery stores. They are extremely prevalent in Asian cooking and markets. Or a better way is to plant my hand. Its free and with a whole bag, you can make tons more of them.
1. Take a bag of uncooked kidney beans. You can find these at your local Indian store or grociery shop.

2 In a container (as large ad you need) lay some tissue paper. On top of that add your kidney beans.Fill with water until the tops of the paper are soaked.

3.Place in the shade until sprouts grow up till 1 inch

4. PLant

Preparation and Use

Kidney bean sprouts can be used as garnish for any dish. They are commonly used for soup garnish.

Cleaning: Simply rinse the kidney bean sprouts under cold water to get rid of any debris such as dirt.

Conserving and Storing

Kidney bean sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator and can last up to a week.



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