Cassia Chip Cinnamon


Cassia-cinnamon is the bold, classic flavor that is found in a myriad of cuisine from East to West. In the chip form it works well for mulling, chai and tea blends.


Translations: Cassia Chip Cinamonas, Cassia Chip Cimet, Cassia chip Quế, Chip Cinnamon Cassia, Chip Cassia Cinnamon, कैसिया चिप दालचीनी, Cassia Chip Canela, Cassia Chip Корица, Cassia Chip Κανέλα, ابيانتيكا تشيب القرفة, 계피 계수나무 칩, Cassia Chip Skořice, Chip Cassia Cinnamon, Kawayan ng kassia chip kanela, 肉桂肉桂芯片, Cassia Xip Canela, Cassia Chip Cimet, Cassia Chip Škorica, צ 'יפ Cassia קינמון, Чип Цимет Цимет, カッシアチップシナモン, Cassia Chip Cannelle, Cassia-Zimt-Chip, Cassia Chip Kanel, Cassia Chip Canela, Cassia Chip Кориця, Касия Чип Канела



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