Amber Globe Turnip


Sweet and fine-grained with pale yellow-white flesh. The 14-inch tops are robust and large, medium-green and cut-leaved. The globe-shaped roots are five to six inches in diameter. Matures in 75 days.


Translations: Amber Globe rāceņu, Gintaro Globe Ropė, Amber Globul de navetă, Amber globus Repa, Amber Quả cầu củ cải, Amber Globe rzepy, एम्बर ग्लोब शलजम, Amber Nabo Globo, Янтарный глобус репа, Amber Γογγύλι Globe, العنبر غلوب اللفت, 호박 글로브 바보야, Amber Globe Vodnice, Amber Globe singkamas, 琥珀全球萝卜, Ambre nap Globe, Amber Globe strniščna repa, Amber Globe Okrúhlica, Amber Globe Rapa, אמבר לפת גלוב, Amber Globe Rova, Амбер глобус репе, アンバーグローブカブ, Navet Globe Amber, Amber Globe Rübe, Amber Globe Majroe, Amber Globe nepe, Ámbar nabo Globe, Бурштиновий глобус ріпа, Amber Globe Nauris, Амбър Globe ряпа



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