Black Chilean Guava


A relative of the Chilean Guava. The fruits tend to be slightly larger than the Chilean Guava and possess a similarly sweet flavor.


Translations: Black Čīles gvajavi, Juodosios Čilės gvajavos, Negru chilian Guava, Crno čileanski Guava, Black ổi Chile, Guava chilijskie Black, Zwarte Chileense Guava, काले चिली अमरूद, Black Goiaba chileno, Черный чилийского Гуава, Black Γκουάβα Χιλής, أسود التشيلي جوافة, 블랙 칠레의 구아바, Černá Chilské guavový, Црна Чилеански Гуава, Black Chilean bayabas, 黑智利番石榴, Negre murtilla, Black čilski guava, Čierna Čílskej guavový, Black cileno Guava, שחור גויאבה צ 'ילה, Svart chilenska Guava, Black Chili Jambu, ブラックチリグァバ, Goyave chilienne Black, Black chilenischen Guava, Black chilenske Guava, Svart Chilenske Guava, Negro murtilla, Чорний чилійського Гуава, Musta Chilen Guava, Черно чилийски гуава

Physical Description

Colors: blue-black

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet,
Mouthfeel: Moist, Juicy
Substitutes: Other guava varieties

Selecting and Buying

Procuring: A small shrub, usually to only 2-6ft. Evergreen, grows quite well in filtered sun and shade.



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