Blackhawk Black Raspberries


Blackhawk Black Raspberries are the best all-purpose raspberry. It is excellent for canning in that the berry has large, firm ebony fruit that is able to hold their shape. It is excellent as a garnish or as a light layering of flavor to beef. If you like to think outside of the box, add a few Blackhawk Black Raspberries after grilling a salmon filet lightly in olive oil. Your palate will thank you!


Translations: Blackhawk Black Avenes, Blackhawk Juodosios Avietės, Blackhawk Zmeură negru, Blackhawk Crna Maline, Blackhawk Trai mâm xôi đen, Blackhawk Black Maliny, Blackhawk zwarte frambozen, ब्लैकहौक काले Raspberries, Framboesas Blackhawk Black, Блэкхок Черного Малина, Blackhawk Black Σμέουρα, التوت الأسود بلاك هوك, Blackhawk 블랙 라스베리, Blackhawk Černá Maliny, Блацкхавк Црна Малине, Blackhawk Black raspberries, 黑鹰黑树莓, Blackhawk Negre gerds, Blackhawk Black Maline, Blackhawk Čierna Maliny, Lamponi Blackhawk nero, Blackhawk פטל שחור, Blackhawk Svart Hallon, Blackhawk Black Raspberry, ブラックホークブラックラズベリー, Framboises Blackhawk Black, Blackhawk Black Himbeeren, Blackhawk Black Hindbær, Blackhawk Black Bringebær, Blackhawk Negro frambuesas, Блекхок Чорного Малина, Blackhawk Black vadelmat, Blackhawk Черно Малини



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