York Apple


York Apple

An apple variety characterized by its red skin, which contains streaks of yellow and russet specks and its flattened oblong shape. It has a creamy white flesh that is crisp and coarse textured. The York Imperial has a flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart. It is an excellent choice for baked desserts or for dishes cooked on the stovetop, since it holds its shape and flavor well when cooked. It is most often available during the winter months.
Apples can be cooked using many methods. They can be cooked on their own and eaten as a side dish or added with other ingredients to create a main dish. Cooked apples go well with meats, such as ham, pork, and poultry. They are also added in many desserts and baked goods. There are many different recipes and methods used for cooking apples. Shown below are some basic cooking methods that can be used for apples.

Baked Apples

There are many recipes and different techniques used to bake apples. The apples may be left whole, unpeeled, and cores removed, or they may have a portion peeled and skins left on the remainder. Some recipes will call for the apples to be cut in half first and then the cores removed. Generally the recipe will have some type of filling that is added to the cavity of the apple before baking. The filling may be as simple as butter and brown sugar or it may consist of a mixture of several ingredients, such as butter, sugar, brown sugar, syrup, honey, apple juice, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruit, and nuts. The recipe used below is just one of many using some of these ingredients.


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