Question: We are doing a buffet at church following a concert. I wanted to keep it simple and affordable. We are going to have roasted pork tenderloin, two veggis and a salad. Should I offer a second type of meat? I thought about grilled chicken, breasts $$$$$$

November 5, 2013
Catering event at church. Do we need two meats?


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Hi Rhonda,

Chicken is always a nice option to have, but chicken breasts can be pricey especially if they are boneless. If you're trying to keep it affordable perhaps a pasta salad with chicken in it? I'd go to Costco (or a big discount warehouse) and get some big bags of frozen tortellini and chicken tenders. Once the chicken tenders are cooked you can simply cube them and toss them in with the tortellini. Toss in some pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes (also from Costco) and you have a beautiful, super easy and inexpensive dish! Hope that helps!