Question: How Do You Do Roti's Or Chhapati On Induction Cooker

February 22, 2010


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Hey, I saw your video on internet about cooking chapati (roti). I am in process of refurbishing my kitchen and was planning to replace my gas cooker with Induction one.

However, my wife worries that she will not be able to make soft roti on induction (as there is no open flame). I found your video when I was searching the net if its possible to do that with induction.

I am like your idea of putting 'grill' sort of thing on hob and coocking roti on top of that. But I think you're using Ceramic hob (rather than induction). Do you have any idea if that thingy works with induction? what do you call it?

I appreciate your help and wait for your reply as our decision is still pending about induction vs gas hob.


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how can i play this video i m not find here

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below is a youtube link for the same video, if it does not work then search youtube for Roti or Chapati or Aka or Pulka Fulka (Indian soft bread)

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can u please tell me how to cook roti on induction cooker