Question: Burnt In Stir-Fry With Olive Oil?

May 17, 2010
Can I ask you what type of pan you are using. Try it on cast iron, pour oil in pan when it is hot, 2 seconds later add frangrant ingredients, hard vegs then soft vegs, let me know if you want more info. about stir fry, I promise you it will not burn.


Gabriel Cross's picture

Olive oil is not very good for frying, because it has a very low smoke point, meaning that it burns at a lower temperature than other oils. When it burns, the flavor deteriorates and it is not as effective as a lubricant while cooking. For pan frying meats, deep frying anything, or any high heat application, use canola oil or peanut oil instead. If you are just wilting some vegetables, on the other hand, olive oil should be fine.