Question: How can I make my homemade noodles firmer?

October 28, 2010
We've recently started making our own pasta with our kitchenade pasta maker. We've had some pretty good results, but most of the time, our spaghetti seems to be too soft after boiling. Is there something I should add to the dough to make it firmer? More al dente?



Curt's picture

Let the pasta dry at room temperature after making it. Don't boil it. Fresh pasta cooks in no time at all. You could also experiment with adding a bit more flour to your recipe.

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Make sure you use semolina flour for a firmer pasta. It really makes a difference. Let the dough rest after making it before you roll it out and again after making it. As Curt said- it will cook quickly.
There are a lot of dough recipes-you might try a different one if you don't get the results you want.

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Your cooking time can make a difference as well. I test my noodles to make sure they are the texture I want as I am cooking.