Question: Candied grapefruit peel

January 28, 2011
I am really interested in preserving grapefruit peel in some manner. Has anyone had any success in candied or salted grapefruit peel? Thanks!


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You would make it just like you would either lemon or orange peel. I like candied meyer lemon peel as a staple in the fridge because it is a little of both. Make sure you cut away as much of the pith (white part) as possible.
I've candied grapefruit peel- but never salted it. I would imagine that it would be good and again the same recipe as a lemon or orange would apply. If you candy your grapefruit- you'll end up with a simple syrup left over. Keep it! it's delicious added to sparkling water. Here's my recipe.

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I made candied fruit peels for Christmas cookie baskets one year. Well, I tried to make them. I got the recipe from a Jacques Pepin cookbook or show - can't remember. The recipe was for a small batch. I quadrupled the recipe. I think I got the science wrong because I was up till about 3 am trying to get the darn mix to crystallize. It was the worst cooking experience of my life. So, moral of the story - keep the batch size small. Follow the recipe. And here it is:

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It's incredibly easy! 1 part water 1 1/2 parts sugar. Bring to low boil, add the peel and low the heat to low, simmer for about an hour, or until candied. Good luck!

Happy cooking!