Question: How Do You Make Basket Cheese?

December 30, 2009


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To make a cheese basket you need a burner, cheese, a pristine non-stick frying pan about 9 inches (22 cm) in diameter, a pair of Teflon tongs that won't scratch the frying pan, and a cup or bowl to lay the cheese over.

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Heat the milk lukewarm.Stir it in the rennet.let it set for 50 min.
again heat the milk for 2 min and with a slotted spoon pull the curd to the side of the pot.gently separate the curd with the spoonfor 20 min.
cover the basket with cheese the curd into lined basket.fold cheese clothover the top of the basket covering all sides.
place the basket and curd in a pan with a whey and press the curd firmly with your hands.
remove the basket from the basket into sink todrain.
set the plate on wrapped ches for an hour.
remove the cheese and unwrap it.
place it in refrigerator