Question: Where Can I Buy Seabeans

February 16, 2010


Curt's picture

Uwajiwaya in Bellevue or Seattle or most Asian markets.

Melissa Peterman's picture

Hi Esther,

You will also be able to find seabeans in the late spring and summer months at farmer's markets on the west coast. What area are you from?

Chris Paulk's picture

I usually find them at the farmers markets in the summer , but I have found the growing- and picked my own in the late summer on Samish Bay, in Western Washington. They're one of my favorite treats. They taste like a salty peas. Be careful how you season them as they need no salt.

Sheri Wetherell's picture

I just discovered seabeans this last summer and they are now one of my favorite foods! As mentioned above, look for them in mid- to late-summer in Asian markets as well as in your local farmers markets. You want the smaller/younger ones as they are the most tender. Once they get large (bigger than your hand) they start to get tougher and not as tender. Chris is right, these need NO additional salt as they are like little bundles of sea water :) Hope you find some this summer!