Question: Best spice to pare with tarragon?

July 14, 2010


Chris Paulk's picture

Tarragon is wonderful! Think Green Goddess dressing - You can make a vinaigrette w/ tarragon, basil, green onions, mint garlic, parsley & dijon

Cream sauce w/ anchovies, tarragon, parsley butter & garlic
or a cream sauce using tarragon, shallots, garlic & thyme

you can toss it in a pasta w/ shrimp, lemon peel chives, leeks & thyme

or make it into a finishing butter for broiled chicken using butter, shallots, tarragon, parsley, parmesan and mint.

Mary Farkas's picture

Thank you. Tarragon is one of my favorite spices. Basil, mint, and thyme sound like wonderful choices. Pardon my pun.

Carol Peterman's picture

Tarragon is one of the herbs in the French blend called fines herbs,so it works great with parsley, chervil, chives, marjoram, lovage, or dill all of which can be found in various versions of fines herbs.

Tarragon goes really well with citrus flavors and is great in egg dishes, cream sauces and seafood dishes. It's also nice just torn and added to green salads.

Julian's picture

I tend to blend it with basil and/or thyme. Along with some garlic, this mixture makes a nice blend for rice.