Question: Can You Microwave A Box Of Wine?

January 16, 2010


Colin Saunders's picture

You probably shouldn't:

Marie Cruickshank's picture

I would say no as the boxes are lined with aluminium foil and microwaves don't like metal being put in!! Not only that but it would ruin the taste, bouquet and properties of the wine --a big no!

Jeanette Hauser's picture

Boxed wine may be pretty lousy wine, but that's no reason for cruel and unusual treatment!

Why on earth would you want to microwave any kind of wine?

Paula Lehman's picture

I'm going to agree with everyone and say no. Particularly because of the foil lining often found on the bag. If you ended up with frozen wine for some reason, I would advise you remove the inner bag from the box and submerge it in hot water or place under cool, running water until it defrosts. And they actually do put decent quality wine in boxes these days, though I'm certainly not saying all of it is good.

Melissa Peterman's picture

Major no. If you are trying to make gleuwine, I suggest you pour the boxed wine into a large pot and heat it on the stove top. Much safer and likely, as Marie said, would taste much better!

Curt's picture

That question prompts 2 questions from me: 1. Why do you have a box of wine? 2. Why would you want to microwave a box of wine?