Question: When Using A George Foreman Grill, At What Temperature Should Hamburgers Be Cooked?

February 4, 2010


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There is no temperature setting on a George Foreman Grill, so it is advised that you grill with setting in middle position, cooking to 165 degrees, using meat thermometer to verify internal temperature.

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There is Definitely a Temp setting on a George Foreman. Mine has one. I haven't been able to find a GOOD answer to this question ever, so I tried my own. I did mine at 375 for as long as you want it on there (TIll it's cooked.) For those of you that have a temp setting, use this.

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There's definitely a temperature gauge... I did mine at 375 too, turned out good.

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I have the grill with timer and thermostat also. 375 degrees and anywhere from 5-8 minutes for cold, fresh hamburger.