Question: Is Epazote Poisonous?

December 30, 2009



Gina Marie Barone's picture

No, it does have an acquired taste, however. Also known as Mexican Tea and Wormseed, very pungent in flavor. Can be found as a tea. It is frequently paired with bean dishes because it is a known carminative, it reduces gas.

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Epazote is said to be poisonous only when consumed in large quantities. It's been eaten for thousands of years in many countries and like anything- eaten in moderation is perfectly fine. Fresh, it has a very pungent, slightly lemony scent. It has a strong and slightly bitter flavor. It become more mellow when cooked into dishes and takes on a very "earthy" herbal quality with a slight mint tone to it. It's an herb I am excited to find fresh as it's not a common staple in most households. It can be found dried and sometimes fresh in Latin Markets. It is often sprinkled into enchiladas, tea, quesadillas, moles and bean dishes. It is used medicinally to help prevent flatulence and is also used in the treatment of malaria, asthma and chorea.