Question: Does Anyone Have Ideas For Fixing Eggplant Other Than Frying--I Love The Taste Of It But Want To Try Something Different

June 13, 2010


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Try thinly slicing it, brush it with olive oil and roast- just until soft and pliable.
Spread with and herbed ricotta or goat cheese and roll. Spoon some marinara sauce into the bottom of a ramekin, top with the rolled eggplant and bake for 10 minutes at 350. Dust with shaved parmesan & serve.

Eggplant can be bushed with olive oil & lemon and grilled .

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I agree with Chris - roasting them is delicious, but you can also try steaming them in a bamboo steamer alongside some onion wedges - the eggplant turns silky soft and so buttery you wouldn't believe it wasn't fried in oil. Drizzle with oyster sauce when it's done and you have a light, flavourful & healthy side-dish.

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You can also cube it and add to your pasta sauce!

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you could also try making Moussaka, which is pretty much a Greek variation of Lasagna. Instead of layering the meat sauce and cheeses with lasagna sheets, you layer it with sliced eggplant and thin sliced potatoes

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Try this:

Old family recipe. My dad's comment: "My Sicilian Grandmother always had the ability to whip up an antipasto plate whenever guests came to visit. Caponata was one of my favorites. It's a sweet/sour eggplant salad that's sure to please as a spread on bruschetta, crackers or mini sandwiches. This is one of the best ways to enjoy eggplant."

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I usually will make a a hot marinade using Olive oil, Red Wine, LOTS of roasted Garlic and Thyme. After the oil and all ingredients are hot, slip sliced Eggplant into the marinade and let it cool.

When you remove the eggplant slice be sure to drain them well so when you grill them or sear them in a hot skillt you will not have flare ups or spattering

I use this same recipe when marinating Portobello mushrooms

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Just last night, I sauted it with onion and garlic then added some spices, lentils and ckn broth. When most of the liquid had been absorbed (about an hour), I stirred in some cream cheese, mango and cucumber. It was so good! If you want, email me for the recipe.

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Roasting a whole eggplant in the oven is a good way to have it. poke slits in the eggplants before placing it in a very hot oven , it should take no more than half an hour to roast two big eggplants. after cooling, spoon out pulp and make it into babaghannough, the middle eastern dip with Tahini sauce. also you can mash it gently (does not take much to mash it with a fork) and make it into salad, using a dressing of lemon juice, garlic and little olive oil, hot green chilis are always an option to add to the dressing. also, you can make it into Priest Salad, look it up on my cooking blog or here on foodista under recipes. i also have a middle eastern traditional recipe called maqloobeh, look it up here or on my blog with an instructional video.
One more dish you can cook with eggplants is cubing it with zucchinis, potatoes, onions and tomatoes, adding couple of table spoons of tomato paste with some water ,salt and black pepper and just stick the pan in your oven, or cook it in a pot on your stove top, serve rice on the side if you like. hope this helps.

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I stopped frying eggplants a long time ago. Not that frying doesn't work. I just hate that eggplants suck oil like a sponge. Delicious, yes. Healthy? Not so much. I now simply brush it with a little oil, season it and roast/bake/grill. Topping it with your favorite ingredients is also a great idea. And if you can get the long variety (japanese or italian), they're so much more flavorful (and have better texture) than the usual bulb you get at the grocery store.

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I love to slice it and toss it in a mixture of olive oil and balsamic. The season with coarse salt and pepper, then grill it. It works great on the indoor grill.

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Slit the eggplant in half. Roast it cut-side down on a greased cookie sheet until blistered. Spoon out the softened flesh. Sauté an onion with a teaspoon of ginger and garlic each. Add half a teaspoon each of turmeric and some chilli powder. Add the flesh and cook for about give minutes. Remove from heat. Sprinkle with lemon juice and garnish with finely shopped fresh coriander leaved. Voilà - cheat's way to Indian style Baingan Bhartha.