Question: How do you make your icing/frosting be shiny?

July 12, 2010
The other day I made this very simple chocolate frosting from one of Dorie Greenspan's recipes. The recipe just said to melt the butter and chocolate on a pot over a simmering pot of water. My frosting did not come out shiny (as in the picture and in other pictures I have seen) at all. Any suggestion on what the reason could be? Thanks


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Not sure if this will help, but i know that if you are making "royal icing", if you use too much water or thin it out too much, it will be dull - not shiny.
(Royal icing is Meringue powder, xx sugar and water.)

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If the frosting you are talking about is a ganache, then it will be shiny while still wet - and that is probably when the photos were taken.

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look here

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Thank you all for your i have to try to make it again.

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glucose syrup is ingredient to make any frosting shiny. it may be boiled icing or fondant icing. but for the frosting with milk and chocolate bars, you can add a lil more butter.

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Be sure not to allow any moisture to enter the pan when melting the chocolate. One drop of water to a pot of melted chocolate will cause it seize up. It will change the texture and it definitely won't be shiny!