Question: Do You Have A Recipe For Veal Scalopini and Watercress Salad?

February 4, 2010
URGENT HELP PLEASE..... We are doing a six course meal. Veal Scalopini is our entree and we're serving a Watercress Neovue salad with shaved radishish, pickled beets and crumble blue chesse. Can you recommend a dish for the following courses? Amuse boiche Soup Course Pasta Dessert THANKS FOR YOUR HELP....


Chris Paulk's picture

For the pasta course- why not something simple & light? Toss fettucini or your favorite pasta with a basil & lemon gremolata ? This should be a nice complement to the veal.

Dessert? a Panna Cotta would be nice- not overly heavy, but still luxurious. A rich vanilla panna cotta would be nice.

A cream of parsnip soup? (You don't want to upstage your Amuse Bouche or downplay your entree. )

Amuse bouche- Hmm. quartered figs lightly seared wrapped in jamon serrano (spanish ham) and topped with a sherry vinegar vinegarette,

Or Extra large green olives sliced partway & stuffed with a slice of anchovy, slice of sweet roasted pepper and very thinly sliced orange peel - drizzle olive oil & sherry vinegar over this.

or braise some pork belly and serve it in 1 inch cube -topped with a micro herb salad and roasted tomato broth.