Question: How long can fresh shucked oyster keep in the frig?

May 9, 2011
I bought a quart of fresh shucked oysters from our local seafood guy and was wondering how long they will keep. I am the only one in the house that eats them. Can you freeze them?


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Store them in the coldest part of the fridge and they should last 7-10 days. You'll want to make sure they stay moist and be sure to give them a whiff before eating.
Shucked oysters freeze, make sure all the oysters are immersed in liquid to prevent freezer burn. Frozen oysters have a 3 - 6 month storage life.plan to use them as soon as you can. After freezing they'll be better in soups, stews and cooked dishes than raw.

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Personally my friend I would not keep "fresh" oysters in the fridge because they will not be fresh in my opinion after a couple of hours. If you buy them fresh then utilize them "Right Now"

Now you can shuck them and then freeze them, but at that point you might as well buy them already shucked and frozen and I find that the quality of frozen oyster meat is best at my local Asian market. Fresh oysters and the oyster liquor is best eaten on the spot. I went and bought Blue Point Oysters last week from my local market for a buck a piece and that's high, but I live in the Southwest so it's expensive. I got them home, shucked them then ate half raw and the other half I grilled.

I hope this helps.

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Will shucked oysters kept at 28-29 degrees in fridge keep for over a week?