Question: does someone have a recipe for baked beans made from scratch, not canned beans?

May 25, 2011


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here's a few. My Mom always used B&M baked beans and added stuff to them. I haven't made baked beans in years- but I would probably make them like mom's!

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The following website should be very useful for you :

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i am mexican and cooked beans are always in my table, so i recomend you this simple recipe, wash the beans 1 pound, ( i use pinto beans, mayacoya or peruvian, or black) add it to a pressure cooker ( this saves you a lot of time and energy and also the beans are perfect) add water to the mark in the pressure cooker, then add half onion, 3 tbsp salt, and 1 clove of garlic. cook for 45 minutos (starting to count when the pressure cooker starts to make noise or dance) then turn of the heat and wait until you can open the lid and thats it.